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TerraNova®, The Second Edition Complete Battery Achievement Test

The TerraNova®, The Second Edition is a nationally-recognized, norm- and criterion-referenced standardized test administered to elementary and secondary school students in public, private, and home schools across the country. This edition uses 2005 norms for scoring. It is one of numerous standardized tests available to chart the progress of students. The primary benefit of the TerraNova®, The Second Edition is its usefulness as a diagnostic tool to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in a student’s academic profile and to chart progress from year to year.This is not a survey test, but rather a full battery test covering content areas in reading, spelling, language, math, science, and social studies. Tests are available for grades K-12 (Kolbe currently does not offer testing for Kindergarten). Please check your state testing requirements at www.hslda.org.

Purchase Requirements

  • No degree or teaching certificate is required to administer the test.
  • Must complete a one-time End User Sublicense Agreement form required by the publisher, CTB McGraw Hill.
  • Must be a homeschool or other qualified user as defined in Section 10, A-E of the End User Sublicense Agreement.
  • The TerraNova®, The Second Edition is available to customers residing in the United States with the exception of the states of Georgia, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Sorry, no international orders may be accepted.

Ordering the Test

  • Testing materials are made available on loan (not sale) to families.
  • Kolbe Academy is responsible for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the TerraNova®, The Second Edition program and its professional obligations to the CTB/McGraw Hill Company.
  • All testing materials must be returned to Kolbe Academy.
  • An additional fee of $100 per test will be assessed for any non-returned materials.
  • You may register online. There will be no phone orders
  • Tests will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, with currently enrolled families receiving priority.
  • Testing materials may become backordered. In such cases, tests will be sent ASAP in the order requests were received, with currently enrolled families receiving priority.
  • If you are ordering more than one test, and one or more tests are backordered, we will hold your entire order until all tests are available.


  • All levels are $45 per test. NEW LOWER PRICE!!!  $39 for the first test and $30 for each additional test!  Included for free is our quick turn around service.  Tests are usually scored within 48 hours of receipt and results sent out the same day.

Choosing a Test Date

  • Choose a test date at least two weeks after the date you are registering.  Allow three weeks if paying by check.
  • All testing weeks start on Monday.  If you are choosing to start later in the week, your testing date will be moved to the following Monday.
  • Tests and all necessary instruction materials will be mailed one week prior to your designated testing date.
  • Parents administer the tests to their home school students.
  • All testing materials, including the instruction and test booklets, must be returned to Kolbe Academy within two weeks of your designated testing date.
  • The test may take up to five days to complete, especially for the lower grades.
  • There is no scheduled date to take this test. You may take the test whenever you like.
  • Before ordering, please look at your calendar carefully to make sure you can complete and return the test within the two week period.
  • Testing is available year-round.


Tests are scored in house with publisher software. Turn around time is usually less than a week!

Norm Dates:

  • Fall Norms                September 1 – November 30  
  • Mid-year Norms   December 1 – March 31  
  • Spring Norms          April 1 – Aug 31  

Score Reports include:

  • Norm-referenced scores: scaled, grade equivalent, national stanine, and national percentile ranks
  • Graphed achievement percentiles
  • Test score interpretation


The TerraNova®, The Second Edition standardized test represents different cultures and covers a broad range of subjects, appealing to all students. For authenticity, artwork simulates the material’s original medium—such as a notice on a bulletin board, a newspaper article, or a journal entry.


Five reading subtests include a Word Analysis test for Grades 1-3, and Vocabulary and Comprehension (Reading, Parts 1 &2) tests for Grades 1-12.


This subtest for Grades 2-12 assesses three broad areas of spelling skills: vowel sounds, consonant sounds, and structural units.


The Language Mechanics and Language subtests work to measure a broad range of language and writing skills essential to full literacy. Test items measure the ability to apply standard usage and writing conventions and to develop effective sentences and paragraphs.


The Mathematics Computation and Mathematics Concepts and Applications subtests assess the ability to perform fundamental mathematics operations, apply mathematical concepts, and use a variety of problem-solving strategies.


Science items sample knowledge of the natural world and assess inquiry skills. Objectives are carefully targeted to the grade and match common curriculum groups: animal and plant life, matter and energy, and Earth and space sciences.

Social Studies

The Social Studies subtest measures understanding of various disciplines needed for a comprehensive global perspective: geography, economics, history, government, citizenship, sociology, and anthropology.

Complete Battery

The Complete Battery includes norm-referenced and criterion-referenced information in Reading, Spelling, Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. We also include Vocabulary, Language Mechanics, Spelling and Mathematics Computation (Complete Battery with Plus, Form C). Criterion-referenced scores identify student master levels; optional thinking skills scores provide a measure of complex cognitive operations.

For questions about the TerraNova®, The Second Edition, please email us at testing®kolbe.org. Please note that phone orders are not allowed for the TerraNova®, The Second Edition standardized test. Thank you!

TerraNova is a trademark of the Data Recognition Corporation. All rights reserved.