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Self-Paced Courses

Kolbe’s Self-Paced program offers some of our most popular online courses in two online formats — original and Self-Paced Plus — where the student can move at his/her own pace while having access to teacher-led videos and other materials that will help the student master their studies.


Get grading assistance with Self-Paced Plus!

We offer the option of adding a teacher for grading assistance on all of our Self-Paced courses.  Self-Paced Plus courses include the following services:

  • Grading by one of our highly qualified teachers for selected assignments within the self-paced course
  • Access to teacher through discussion board within course
  • Option to report grade given by the teacher, or to report a grade assigned by parent. 
  • The pacing is still established by the parent in conjunction with the student’s goals and academic calendar.
  • For the best experience, Kolbe encourages students in the self-paced plus program to turn assignments in incrementally throughout the year. 
  • Assignments turned in incrementally will be graded within 1-2 weeks of the submission date, not including holiday breaks.
  • If a student turns in multiple assignments to be graded at once, please expect a turn around time of 1-2 weeks per assignment submitted at that time.

High School

Click a subject area for a list of high school self-paced courses currently offered by Kolbe Academy.  All high school courses are one year, 10 credit courses.