Student Clubs & Groups - Kolbe Academy

Student Clubs & Groups

Kolbe Academy’s online program strives to provide several virtual outlets for its students to build relationships and community with one another.  Much like a brick and mortar school, student-run and teacher-moderated clubs can help students get to know one another and help a student feel part of the community.  The following clubs are offered for students taking at least one online course in grades 6-12:

  • Newsletter 
  • Spanish Club 
  • Latin Club 
  • French Club
  • Spiritual Life 
  • Photography Club
  • Kolbe’s Got Talent Show 
  • Christmas Concert
  • STEM Club
  • Art Club
  • Yearbook
  • Creative Writing Club

Other Social Opportunities

In addition to clubs and groups, students have an opportunity to build community in the following ways:

  • Students are encouraged to login up to 10 minutes early to class for mic checks.  After the mic check is complete, students are allowed to chat with one another using the chat box feature until class begins.
  • Students will interact naturally during live class sessions through instructor-led discussion and other activities.
  • While students will not have the ability to private message one another in Adobe Connect or Schoology, Kolbe will provide membership to student Schoology groups which allow group members to interact with another via discussion forums.   The discussion forums are accessible only to members belonging to the group.  Kolbe provides Schoology groups for each grade level starting in mid to late September.  Parents may request that their child be taken out of a Schoology group if it becomes distracting.