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Advising Services

Kolbe Academy has assigned advisors by grade level so that every student will have a teacher of record for any traditional or self-paced courses. While they are responsible for the students in their assigned grade level, parents are free to speak to any advisor about their students. To schedule an appointment with the listed advisors, click on their name and you will be taken to their scheduling page.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mannella Kindergarten & 1st grade Advisor; K-8 Special Needs – Homeschool
Mrs. Rylan Buchanan 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Advisor
Mrs. Chris Bates 5th and 6th grade Advisor
Mrs. Judy Riordon 7th grade Advisor
Mrs. Ashley Massey 8th grade Advisor; K-8 Special Needs – Online
Mr. Jon Bates 9th grade Advisor
Mrs. Therese Huston 10th grade Advisor; 9-12 Special Needs – Homeschool
Mrs. Laura LoroƱa-Kays 11th grade Advisor
Mrs. Erica Treat 12th grade Advisor
Mrs. Celeste Cuellar Dean of Students; 9-12 Special Needs – Online