Grading FAQ - Kolbe Academy

Grading FAQ

See below for answers to frequently asked questions regarding Kolbe’s grading process.

Yes, you must be registered for at least one course.  If you are registered for only one course, we will evaluate work for only that course.

Great!  Students should always be encouraged to correct mistakes—hopefully, that will keep them from repeating them.  The evaluator will let you know if the paper should be resubmitted for grade improvement.  If so, the re-evaluations will not count as one of the 20 or 40 submissions.  If a parent requests to have a paper re-evaluated for grade improvement, the re-evaluation will count as one of their submissions.

Absolutely!  We recognize the need for consistency in evaluating the student’s progress.  However, parents are free to ask for a different advisor, if they feel the need, and you may be reassigned should your advisor leave us or have a job assignment change.

You may send work in either by regular mail, fax, or email between September 1 and June 30.  For the program to be the most beneficial, we recommend submitting work one sample at time weekly rather than waiting to send in several samples all at once.