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Kolbe Academy’s Flexibility for enrolled Families

The principle of subsidiarity states that nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization that can be done as well or better by a smaller and simpler organization. Nowhere has this found greater expression than in the home schooling movement. Kolbe Academy Home School has embraced the principle of subsidiarity by offering an educational program that you implement in your home. We are not a correspondence program. With Kolbe, the parent is the teacher and is truly in charge of the child’s education. This is in keeping with the dictum of Pope John Paul II that “the parents have been appointed by God Himself as the first and principal educators of their children…their right is completely inalienable.” (Familiaris Consortio 40)

Kolbe assists parents by offering the tried-and-true material you need, as well as providing guidance, recommendations and support as desired. The parent, as the teacher, has the flexibility to adapt Kolbe’s course plans to the individual learning needs of your children, test and grade using Kolbe’s quarterly tests and other materials, and keep the students on task. Subsidiarity is at work here: the home is the school and the parents are the teachers. Flexibility is a critical element to our educational philosophy, enabling each parent to adjust, modify, or substitute materials for the student based on what is best for the student while still receiving credit for the course on the Kolbe transcript. The flexibility Kolbe offers comes in various forms:

  • Modifying Kolbe courses: Kolbe Academy has worked diligently to create the best possible course plan for each subject with the home schooling family in mind. However, our course plans are a suggested course of study. As the teacher, you should adapt and modify these course plans to meet the individual learning needs of your child. Parents should not feel obligated to follow our course plans exactly.
  • Substituting for Kolbe courses: Our program upholds the supreme parental right to educate the child in a way that is most fitting to the child. Therefore, parents may choose to substitute alternate curriculum materials for Kolbe subjects while still receiving credit on the transcript.
  • Creating your own elective courses: Parents may also choose to create their own courses using various materials while still receiving credit on the transcript.