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The Classical Curriculum

Building a Beautiful Edifice

Throw away the textbooks! Well, not quite, but our classically-based curriculum focuses on studying the greatest spiritual, literary, artistic and cultural achievements of Western civilization by reading the original sources whenever possible, especially in high school.

The classical curriculum brings intellectual knowledge of the Faith into the heart by introducing the student to the great works of Christendom and the pre-Christian masterpieces that influenced and inspired Catholic Europe. The intent and purpose is to deepen and strengthen the student’s commitment to Catholicism and move the student, in the spirit of the Ignatian principle of emulation, to accomplish great deeds himself. The study of a classical curriculum serves several purposes. It:

  • Focuses on the highest spiritual, literary and artistic achievements of Western civilization, elevating the mind and soul
  • Introduces students to the greatest books in their original sources, not biased textbook summaries
  • Integrates the study of different subjects, showing the interrelationships that exist among them
  • Provides a solid grounding in the basics, emphasizing the technique of learning by memorization in the lower grades

The classical curriculum is implemented in phases. We introduce younger students to the ancient world to display God’s preparations for the arrival of the Messiah. We revisit Greece and Rome in high school, along with the Medieval and Modern worlds. In high school, the literature and history courses go hand-in-hand: while reading The Iliad in literature, the student reads Herodotus’ Histories; while reading about the Crusades in history, the student is also reading The Song of Roland in literature. It’s about making connections between ancient and modern, between classical and Christian civilization.